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Spring 2004 Issue!Ms Fitness 2004 Spring Issue

Sarah C. Harding featured in the 2004 Spring Issue of Ms Fitness Magazine!


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Congratulations to car parts for her first Oxygen Magazine (April 2004) Cover!†


Welcome to the site of CHH Promotions!

This site serves as the health promotion division of Conglomerate Holistic Health (CHH).† As a health promotion agency, CHH† promotes various health promotion events such as continuing education lectures/workshops & health expos.† Additionally, the CHH health promotion division serves as an agency for both health-fitness continuing education providers (allied-health, fitness, medical) and fitness models in order to attain legitimate work and provide further exposure to their selected business.†

CHH has a philosophy that believes finance, fitness, and nutrition have intertwined relationships and in-depth teachings in all three topics are necessary to achieve a prosperous lifestyle.† Therefore, CHH productions strives to offer a avenue to other business, fine arts, fitness, health, and medical professionals that are dedicated to practicing with great efficiency and integrity.† The professional network consist of various allied health professionals (athletic trainer, occupational/physical therapists, etc) business consultants, choreographers, continuing education providers, dancers, fitness competitors, fitness models, group fitness instructors, nutrition consultants, and personal trainers.†

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The title, ‚ÄúCHH Presents‚Ä